Notice: the –l 1472 parameter in the ping command assessments the Most Transmission Device (MTU) of the community. It need to be in a position to manage IP datagrams up to 1472 bytes. If you are getting a difficulty working with LPR method make certain the ‘byte counting enabled’ selection is set.

Try managing in Raw TCP method or vice versa. Windows Driver vs Home windows Socket API:Are you working with a Home windows Driver or crafting right to the printer utilizing Home windows Socket API calls? Check out the two methods if probable and see if one is improved than the other. Printer Timeout troubles:Is the printer timing out during the retransmission of a packet or in an > The instructions are described over. IDLE TIMEOUT COMMAND -RETRANSMIT TIMEOUT COMMAND -Host Timeout my-ips co problems:Please refer to the next Microsoft Content for attainable alternatives. ‘How to Modify the TCP/IP Optimum Retransmission Timeout’ – Posting: 170359. ‘TCP/IP Port Printing May perhaps Be Slow on Home windows 2000’ – Article ID: 816627. ‘TCP/IP and NBT configuration parameters for Windows 2000 or Home windows NT’ – Article ID: 120642. Problem printing massive batches of tickets:Try shifting your method so it does not make a new print task for each ticket. In this scenario, the printer is effective far better and more quickly. Try to limit the amount of positions opened and shut. You can also consider sending a massive batch of tickets in a sequence of more compact batches.

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If feasible, hook up an HP Jetdirect Print Server to the printer (requires a parallel port) and see if the dilemma continue to exists. If so, it is most likely a Community situation on the client’s conclusion (most likely a bandwidth, configuration, sluggish backlink or router trouble). Client Network Challenges:Several shoppers had issues at first but they turned out to be networking problems on their end. rn( bandwidth issues, configuration options, and so on). Make confident every thing is configured appropriately on the Community. One customer had an issue wherever his switches would not vehicle-negotiate accurately with the printer.

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Test manually environment your switches to a hundred Mbps, Comprehensive duplex. Are you ready to monitor the Ethernet targeted visitors concerning the Host and printer? Can you establish if the printer is not responding to a certain packet or is heading occupied? Is it shedding packets? Can you send us a copy of the packet targeted traffic at the stage it fails?Installing a packet sniffer system would significantly help us in diagnosing this dilemma. It is advised that you use the very same just one we do so that the captured packet data can be analyzed below. You can get hold of a totally free packet sniffer termed ‘ Ethereal ‘ from the subsequent link- http://www. ethereal. com/distribution/win32/. Important Observe: On a switched community, in purchase to see all the network visitors, both of those the Boca and personal computer really should be connected to a non-switched hub .

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Some switches have the capacity to replicate all traffic on all ports to a solitary port so that you can plug your analyzer into that single port to sniff all website traffic. See the portion underneath titled ‘Capturing Packets’ for a lot more particulars. 1. Install Ethereal on the same computer system that the Boca was originally put in on. 2. Under ‘capture’ > ‘options’ pick a buffer sizing essential to seize all the packets that could possibly be sent for the duration of the test.

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This will differ based on the community website traffic, the quantity of tickets despatched and what the problem is. If the challenge is just one wherever the printer stops printing after a large sum of tickets are despatched then we suggest you set as big a buffer as possible.